The Crew
Fissues-our boat

Yes we consider Fissues a crew member!
She is a 26’ Hewescraft Alaskan and she
is fully equipped for your safety and comfort.

She also provides an excellent platform for
viewing and photographing all the wonderful
wildlife she always finds on the water!
Capt. Kevin Burchfield

Capt. Kevin has been sailing these waters
for nearly 2 decades now and has a knack
for finding whales. He’s been given the
nickname “The Whale Whisperer” by several

He is a published author and loves to write
stories about his wilderness adventures in
the Great Land! Be careful…if you go whaling
with Capt. Kevin he just might make you famous!
Call today 907-321-1405 or email us at
The Wildlife!

The most important part of our crew!
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